Saturday, January 16, 2016

Please, Do Not Wear That.

One of the most stressed about common phenomenons in Women-Dom, is the need to be fashionably correct during most times of our lives (i.e those first dates, prom(s), interviews, girls shopping trips, and who can forget those "come get your things," post breakup outfits). How many times have we asked our friends via text, Skype, or call, whether or not our outfit looked suitable, was in season, or even made any sense at all?

I'm certainly guilty.

However, one thing we fail to realize is that the beauty of an outfit comes from the beauty you feel inside about yourself. Your outfit should merely reflect and propel outward, your uniquely different personality and style. Very little of our fashion decisions should come from fashion magazines or the ever so common Google search; Should I wear floral in winter and could I wear fur in the summer?
What we, and I mean you and I, because I also have issues with these strict fashion ideals, really seem to garner is a sense of validation from these ever so present fashion norms and ideals. This validation allows us to feel confident due to the preceding approval of others.

I challenge you as well as myself to embrace a new form of fashion ideals, one that is heavily based on the individual rather than unreachable standards. Further, less emphasis being on whats in season, and more on what the individual actually feels beautiful wearing.
Certainly, fashion magazines can be quite helpful in determining which look you feel best mirrors your personality and style (learning from the different styles and looks), however, making it your own.

Now go out and paint the town Rainbow.

-Thanks for reading ladies and gents!